April 20, 2017

TheCactive🍰 | Link Project | HTML Tutorial

Html can be used for different things. Especially on websites!

Html can be used for titles Here is a big title

Smaller Titles

Or even smaller titles

Html can also be used for embedding YouTube and other sites videos
Here is one of my videos that I have embed (not copyright)

To use the Html titles use <h1> and then use the text and</h1> to close the text!
You can use <h2> and smaller to make it smaller<h2> and down lower.

To import YouTube videos click the share button and click Embed and then copy in into your website and it should import. If you are making a website or pure code it may be harder to do.

For this tutorial I am using WordPress which is a free website maker but keep in mind that you need to purchase the domain and hosting to add WordPress from. There should also be a tutorial on how to do that on my channel soon.

This is used for websites and making games and other applications.